Our Goal

You need a website available 24/7 with quick loading and easy navigation. You need your website to reflect your personalized image, assist in selling your product or service, and be pleasing to the eye. We’ll take your thoughts and bring them vibrantly alive on the internet. We strive to surpass your expectations – because we want you to be proud of our work on your behalf. You’ll feel confident without benefit of knowing the intricacies of the nuts and bolts of how things work. We promise to make your experience with us as convenient and easy as possible – and at a reasonable price.Many companies will play games with your Internet presence; we seek to provide long term satisfaction. We realize that you want to feel confident and secure in an environment that most people have limited experience. It is our desire to make your web experience pleasant and easy to understand. We are here to solve your problems, not dump them at your feet with confusing jargon. You need your site to communicate your message successfully.What if I do not understand computers, or the web?
Have you been frustrated by a service provider who seemed to pride him/herself on the amount of “computer-eze” they could squeeze into one sentence? We’ll make your web introduction relaxed, simple, and understandable. We specialize in full service and do not expect you to play “terminology tennis” with us. Feel free to ask us to explain whatever seems unclear, that’s why we’re here!How do I make a web page “work” for me?
There have been some shakeups lately in the Internet world. At one point it seemed like you could open any Internet company and get millions of dollars in capitol from anxious investors.The web is not magic. It is a tool like a hammer, a calculator, or a personal computer, and some people forgot this fact. Like any other tool it needs to be used correctly to enhance your productivity and minimize expenses.How much money do you spend on printed materials and ads each year? Is all of your literature up to date or do you consider it too expensive to throw out and reprint so you “get by” on what you have? What really happens to that literature? How much is kept and read? How many ads really reach your target market? or are you trying a shotgun approach and hope a small percentage of information gets to the customer?Information on the web is targeted, not randomized. Imagine an advertising media that can be kept up to date at the drop of a hat, is read by your target market, does not get lost in some junk drawer or thrown immediately away. The secret is to put your web address on everything that has your phone number on it. When buyers want information to make informed decisions they know exactly where to look for your answers (and not in some pile they have to search through on their desk).Don’t be fooled
Your web address (for example, www.mtgretna.com) is a very important thing to protect. In order to market effectively, you will put that name on a lot of places such as stationery, signs, business cards etc. Some web companies will register your address for you, but they sign it up as their property. The trick, as you might guess, is that it makes leaving their service quite expensive and difficult, since you can not take your web address to your next web provider. We register your web address as your property.
No tricks.
No traps.